Covid-19: a more balanced approach

Lockdown has been a lot of learning – but I think that I’m coming out the other side (assuming we are coming out the other side) a stronger person with a better understanding of what I need even when it feels everything is turned on its head!

Covid-19: the uncertainty of returning to “normal”

I’m still ploughing on with my work plan and making progress, whilst I don’t like the uncertainties (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this and everyone is finding a way to cope with the difficulties that this situation imposes), I am determined not to let this break me. I’ve put too much heart, soul and energy into this PhD and I will persevere and make it through. I’m too stubborn not to! The only way through this, for us all I’m sure, is to adapt and persevere – what else can we do, right? 

PhD is a marathon, not a sprint.

Slow and steady is key – PhD life really is a marathon and not a sprint! The key is to keep that momentum going, even if it’s slow, it’s there. Research takes time, you’ve just got to roll with what you can manage a day at a day.